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Relax your mind

Sup Yoga with Marta Razzini

In 2013, at the age of about 20, I approached Hatha Yoga because I was strongly attracted and fascinated by Eastern culture.
Yoga practice on the mat, over the years, has helped me overcome several difficult moments and obstacles that life has placed in my way: presence, self-awareness and the present moment, are just a few things that, if metabolized and really made their own, are the key to a more serene and fluid life experience.

SUP Close Up

After years of practice in 2020, I decide to enroll in a 200-hour online teacher training in order to deepen my knowledge and thus become a certified Hatha Vinyasa Yoga teacher. Since then I have the opportunity to share my practice, passion and deep devotion for all that it encompasses, pranayama, meditation and physical practice However, curiosity is driving me to deeper and deeper research and continuing education.

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I strongly believe that it is important to respect it and really take care of it, without obsessing about it, moving it around and experimenting with it as much as possible.
I then began to extend this curiosity of mine into other fields, including sup-yoga, by which I was charmed: the body is stimulated in the search for balance on the board and one can enjoy the deep connection with the surrounding nature.

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marta razzini

Duration: 1.20 hours *
Price: 25 €

Min participants: 3

* Stages of practice: breathing, physical practice, meditation

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