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Relax your mind

Sup Yoga with Meg

My practice began with classical Ashtanga Yoga, which I learned in Barcelona. For years, I traveled around Asia and Central America, devoting myself to unrestricted movement and thinking outside the box.

SUP Close Up

To develop my teaching technique, I studied Yin, Vinyasa, Animal, and tribal movements, as well as meditation and the walk off the mat. I've been surfing and SUPing for a long time, and I recently completed a SUP yoga course in Spain.

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I've attended numerous festivals and events, including those in Italy, over the years, and in 2021, I launched my online school: a wellness center where yoga, meditation, movement, ayurveda, and nutrition are practiced. as well as personal development

SUP Close Up

Duration: 1.20 hours *
Wednesday at 07:00 PM
Price: 25 €

Min participants: 3

* Stages of practice: breathing, physical practice, meditation

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